COVID-19: Viral Transport Medium (VTM) for Diagnosis

The success of diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) during the COVID-19 outbreak largely depends on the quality of the sample and the conditions under which the sample is transported and stored before being processed in the laboratory.

Viral transport medium (VTM) allows the safe transfer of viruses, chlamydia and mycoplasma for further research, which includes conventional cell culture methods, clinical trials, and molecular biology techniques.

Commercially prepared viral transport media are available in screw cap plastic tubes containing buffered proteins (serum, albumin or gelatin) and antibiotics. Antibiotics are commonly included in viral transport media to suppress the growth of contaminating bacteria and fungi, so if bacterial or fungal cultures are also requested, separate samples should be collected from the same site.

  1. Our viral transport medium is based on Hanks Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS) with calcium and magnesium and contains heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum, gentamicin and amphotericin B. The composition and construction of the viral transport medium follow WHO and CDC recommendations.
  2. The product is provided as a liquid in a sterile 13 mL flat bottom tube, with or without a swab, to provide the maximum range of sample collection possibilities.

VTM is available in 2 formats: without and with swab.

product Code
Viral Transport Medium (VTM)
3 ml. 49 vials of
Viral Transport Medium (VTM) with Swab
49 vials of 3 ml + 49 swabs

Medical devices for in vitro diagnosis. Read the operating instructions carefully.



HRP Conjugate, 3ML

C105-3ML Arbor Assays 3ML 120 EUR

Pasteur Pippete 3ml

127-P503-00P Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK500 23.88 EUR

Conjugate Diluent, 3ML

X076-3ML Arbor Assays 3ML 25 EUR

Volumetric Pipette 3mL

PIP1258 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK12 254.4 EUR

Oxidized Glutathione, 3ML

C024-3ML Arbor Assays 3ML 254 EUR

Levonorgestrel Antibody, 3ML

C217-3ML Arbor Assays 3ML 289 EUR

Levonorgestrel Conjugate, 3ML

C218-3ML Arbor Assays 3ML 289 EUR

Androstenedione Antibody, 3ML

C253-3ML Arbor Assays 3ML 289 EUR

Androstenedione Conjugate, 3ML

C255-3ML Arbor Assays 3ML 289 EUR

Powder Thief Tip 3ml

SAM1250 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 58.8 EUR

Weighing Boat 3ml Pyrex

BAL1870 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 24 EUR

Finnpipette F1 Fixed 3ml

PIP4946 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 289.2 EUR

Homogeniser Mini 3ml + Handle

HOM3544 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 91.2 EUR

Coliform Detection Broth 3mL

MIC6750 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK100 143.64 EUR

Listeria Detection Broth 3mL

MIC6756 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK100 180.12 EUR

DeStreak rehydration soln 3mL

17600319 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 177.6 EUR

Salmonella Detection Broth 3mL

MIC6752 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK100 221.16 EUR

Allopregnanolone CLIA Antibody, 3ML

C193-3ML Arbor Assays 3ML 289 EUR

Oxytocin-Peroxidase Conjugate, 3ML

C166-3ML Arbor Assays 3ML 289 EUR

Allopregnanolone CLIA Conjugate, 3ML

C194-3ML Arbor Assays 3ML 289 EUR

17-Hydroxyprogesterone Antibody, 3ML

C190-3ML Arbor Assays 3ML 289 EUR

17-Hydroxyprogesterone Conjugate, 3ML

C191-3ML Arbor Assays 3ML 289 EUR

Shig Anti Poly Grpc 3Ml

228361 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 830.36 EUR

NH2 200mg/3mL SPE Columns

CHR5530 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK50 181.2 EUR

NH2 500mg/3mL SPE Columns

CHR5532 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK50 223.2 EUR

C18 200mg/3mL SPE Columns

CHR5596 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK50 148.8 EUR

C18 500mg/3mL SPE Columns

CHR5602 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK50 162 EUR

SCX 200mg/3mL SPE Columns

CHR5692 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK50 181.2 EUR

SCX 500mg/3mL SPE Columns

CHR5694 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK50 244.8 EUR

SAX 100mg/3mL SPE Columns

CHR5712 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK50 189.6 EUR

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